Saturday, December 14, 2013

More Chritmas Fun!

I warned you that I would be as bad about Christmas/Santa stuff as I was about pumpkin patches, and well after you see what we have been up to, you might think I am crazy! Good news is, I am totally ok with you thinking that! :)

This week and weekend has been filled with many more Christmas Activities! I made a calendar for each day leading up to Christmas Day, and in this calendar we have a Holiday activity lined up for each day! :)

So here are the ones from this past week:

So I took the boys to this event called Town Brookhaven, where they did a Christmas tree lightening, got to see Santa for the second time and ride a horse and carriage! On the Horse and carriage ride, Easton looked up at me and with a big grin and said  "Momma, so fun" ! Melt my heart! ;)


Then the next day since I was a bit tired from my cookie exchange that I had been to the night before, we had a day at the house and we made Christmas Popcorn and watched a Christmas movie! We made a pallet on the floor and Easton thought it was so cool!

Then Friday night we went to look at Christmas Lights. Before we did that, we colored some polar express pictures, wrote a letter to Santa and then Easton got a ticket to go on the car ride to look at the lights. He was so cute with his ticket, he got it and immediately wanted to put it in his pocket so he wouldn't lose it! ( We might have watched the polar express movie to many times over here! ) He held on to that ticket like it was gold! Felt kinda bad because he thought he was going  on a train ride.. and really we were just riding in the car! I just thought the ticket was a cute idea! No worries, he is going on the real polar express when we get to Austin, so I will make up for it! :)
At the end of the Christmas lights, there was a Santa's village where you could roast marshmallows and make smores, and then there was a whole carnival! We didn't know it was going to be there, so that was a nice surprise, however I didn't even bother to get dress since I didn't think we were getting out of the car, so I kept my workout clothes on and McCoy was in his PJ's, so we were totally unprepared!

Then today, we had Breakfast with Santa! Yes, your reading that right, we have now seen Santa 3 times! ;) Why not!! Easton still runs up, and still tells him he would like a Buzz Lightyear! :) There was a cute breakfast and little crafts for them to do too!

Well that is it for this week! :) Hope everyone is enjoying the Holiday Season!

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