Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I found this wonderful little piece when doing my devotional and thought it was to neat not to share! I hope everyone has a blessed day!

Almighty Creator f the Universe
Beloved Father, Mother, God
Create in me a clean heart this day
Deliver me from the limitations of the go
Exalt your presence in my mind
Forgive all that I have held against you, myself and others
Grant me peace this day
Hold me steadfastly within the boundaries of your truth
Inspire my heart to know you, my ears to hear you and my eyes to recognize you
Justify me in the presence of all enemies
Knead my heart with words of kindness
Let no harm befall me or my loved ones
May all I do this day glorify you.
Nourish me with your wisdom
Open my eyes to know your truth
Purge my heart of all things that are offensive to your law
Quiet my soul in the midst of confusion
Renew my connection to you
Save me from my secret fears
Teach me to trust you at all times
Use all that you have given me to serve you
Victory for your cause is my desire
Walk with me so that my strength will never be diminished.
Xamine my heart continually
Your love and grace are my good fortune
Zealously I commit myself to your will for my life

Until today we all might not have been aware of the power of knowing the alphabet. Today devote yourself to relearning the entire alphabet of life!

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