Friday, June 3, 2011

Another week in the Life of Easton..

Easton has attracted many visitors lately.. and it just so happens that they are all Ladies!! What am I going to do with this boy?!?

The lovely Riley Ladies came to visit! ( Aunt Lisa and Uncle Hubert came too.. I guess I didn't get a picture of them, sorry)

Miss Stella is not sure who this little guy is..!! We are so glad the Riley family spent Memorial Day with us!!

Aunt Randi made it finally!! He loves her!

Aunt Randi bought Easton his stroller, so she had to make sure she pushed him all around! :) We went walking!!
 This past week was another week of first..

- Easton lost his Umbilical cord finally.. I was more happy than he was, I hated cleaning that thing!
- Easton got his first bath
- Easton went back to the Doctor and he gained a pound!! ( I want to be baby where it is a good thing to gain weight! :)
- Easton had tummy time and Chloe felt the need to join!
- Easton went to his first movie!

Just chillin outside and looking so concerned about something!

My little love!!

I tried to take some more pictures of him.. but Mr. Giraffe could not leave his mouth.

I love my big boy chair!!

My first bath!!

Tummy time for both Easton and Chloe!! ( No kidding when we were trying to make Easton roll over, Chloe showed off her skills.. like hey little guy you can't roll over, I can! :))

Aunt Randi reading her favorite childhood book to Easton.

Another fun week with my little boy!! He is so much fun!

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