Thursday, June 16, 2011

Easton is 1 month old...

Yesterday, Easton turned 1 month. I think this might have been the fastest month of my life, but defiantly the best month of my life. I find it odd to say that it is the best of my life when I have actually had less sleep then ever before, more pain than I think I have ever encounter, seen more spit up and poop then I really ever wanted to see, and not to mention I smell like spit up at all times, and to top it off I thing I am mute to the sound of crying now.. but with all that to say, I have never been so in love not only with Easton but with my husband. It has been a crazy and fun month.

All that to say, Easton had his month check up this week and is an all-star! He is weighing in at 8lbs 14oz, and I always forget to listen to the length, I will check on that next time. Easton is a great baby for the most part, he has his moments, but as the doctor tells me, BABIES CRY! :)  Here are some pictures from the week and 1st month!

I mean how cute is that.. Drake is reading Easton a book all while giving him a bath and Easton is looking at him! I love my boys!

Easton is starting to really see things and be able to focus, he stared at his Mobil today!

I am 1 month old! :) Big Boy

I really hate that mommy takes pictures of me all the time!

For those of you who have not seen my legs, they really are long!

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