Friday, July 1, 2011

Where did June go???

Well I have been a bad blogger lately, but time is flying by and little Easton is keeping me busy! We have done a lot lately as well.. so here is what we have been up to.


Drake had his first fathers day and it was a great day. Easton made him a gift too, well with a little help from mommy we were able to get mold of his hand print and his footprint for daddy. It turned out pretty cute. Drakes brother Donald and his family came down to our house for the day and we had a great picnic in the park together. We played baseball and ping pong at the house and just had a great day!

Grace and Easton

Sara and Easton

Shea and Easton

Uncle Donald and Easton


We just arrived home from our big tour of Texas last night. We had a great trip, but we are wiped out. Easton was able to meet pretty much everyone from Round Rock Friends, Grandparents and Aunts, Dallas Friends, College Friends, Teacher Friends and even some of Daddy's friends. We were super busy meeting everyone, but it was fun. Chloe even came too! :)

My mom's friends hosted a sip and see for Easton so everyone in Round Rock could come meet him at one time. It was great seeing long time friends and their parents. Then my Mama Bear and My Aunt Karol came to the house to meet Easton, so that was fun. Then my sister and I made a quick trip to Dallas to see everyone. Here are our pictures!!

This picture makes my heart melt!! I love my little boy!!

Easton's first Airplane ride!! He was a champ on the way there!!

Cooper is not sure about Babies.. there his size but they cry and he does not like that!!

My sister and her two babies!!

Erica and Mrs. Garcia at the sip and see!!

Rachel and Erica


Easton in my dad's rocking chair from when he was a baby!!

Mama Bear and Easton

Aunt Karol and Easton

Skipper ( The doll in Easton's arms) is Randi's doll and Easton stole it!!

College Friends!!

Easton and his buddy Colton!!

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  1. Wish I could have been at the sip and see! Hope to see him this month!