Friday, October 7, 2011

Voted "Worst Mom" today...

Oh what a day!! It started so good, to start with it is Friday, and well aren't Friday's always good days. I got up early went to the gym, went by the bank and treated myself to Starbucks ( and yes, I got nervous once again as I ordered and this time I messed up and well I am still not sure what I ordered, I just said yes to the lady.. ). So needless to say I was off to a good day. Came home, got Easton up and ready to go to MOPS at Church. MOPS was great and so afterwards, I decided we needed a little treat so we went to nordstrom rack.

I found some great stuff, and then we were headed home.. so I thought..

Before we could go home, I had to be a "RE RE" and lock Easton in the car along with my phone!!! Yes, that is right, I am the horrible mom who locked their child in the car. So what to do??? Well I have no phone, and so I happen to see some ladies walking to their car, so I run over to them.. "Excuse me, do you have a phone I can borrow, I just locked my baby in the car"..  you know they are thinking in their heads," What a crazy lady, who does that". 

So they pull out their phones, and my first question is, "Who do I call??". I don't know Drake's number by heart, that is what speed dial is for and so long story short we call  911, and they send the Fire Department over to us.

Just so you know, it is very embarrassing to have the big ole fire truck pull up and then everyone in the parking lot wants to know what is going on.. ahhh I suck!

After a while, we finally get the car unlocked and get Mr. Easton out! This whole time he was laughing and smiling at me as I was talking to him through the window.. he apparently didn't care that he was about to overheat!

So this post is for all the fireman out there, we love you and are thankful for you!!!

These are the nice men who helped us!!
 I hope to redeem myself soon, so stay tuned for a " I rock as a mom" post! :)

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  1. oh my gosh! Murad locked himself and Joel out of the house and our garage door was unplugged. Luckily, he had his phone though. Don't beat yourself up too much! It happens to the best of us!