Monday, September 26, 2011

Baking vs. Pureeing

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a huge sweet tooth. It is actually a huge problem, so naturally I diagnosed the problem with allowing myself to eat ice cream if I put granola in it, I mean granola is good for your right?? .. Actually half of my problem is I love to bake. I like trying new things and in return I normally fail the first time, but the second time I normally decide to just go basic and play it safe. My cake balls never fail me!

One of my favorite parts of baking is scrapping the batter off the bowl and well eating it of course. Never gets old!!! So as much as I would love to "bake" some nice little cake balls for Mr. E, I don't think my pediatrician would be very happy with me and something tells me that I would technically pay for it later, if you know what I mean. So I have resisted that urge, and I have decided to give it a try at making Easton's baby food. What I found during this process of pureeing his food, is that I still like scrapping the "baby food" off the bowl and well making sure it is edible. I have found that baby food is not all the bad. I have decide that my motto will be, " If I wouldn't eat it, then Easton shouldn't eat it".

So, I spent Friday getting my supplies and made my first two batches of stuff. So up first for Mr. E in the cereal department is Banana Oatmeal. Of course, followed by some bananas. He has had some the last few days and actually really likes it. Up next for him on the veggie side is, butternut squash! We will see how that goes!

I have really enjoyed making his food so far, I think I could get used to just pureeing and not baking. I mean it might be a good thing, I could afford to lay off the sweets for a while! Do you think I can puree cookies?? :)

Here's to Easton eating his veggies this week!

Oatmeal, Bananas and Butternut Squash coming right up!

Hope he likes the Squash, he has 14 servings in the frezzer!

He just likes to make a mess! :)

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