Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Happy Birthday Mr. Easton

First off... Let's celebrate that Drake and I made it through the first year!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAAAAA... Oh wait, I forgot we are suppose to be celebrating Easton today! :) So here you go my little man..

Easton Thomas,

This past year has truly been a year of memories I will never forget. You have blessed our family and brought us so much joy. I do not think I was truly ready for the overwhelming love that I would have for you, but in just one short year I have fallen in love with you 365 times! Your smile and laugh makes me remember what life is all about even on the hardest days. Your curiosity for life, your fearlessness for life and your love for life simply keep me in awe! We love you very much, and we look forward to watching you learn and grow!


PS: Easton I know you will be happy to know that we are officially done with the tie pictures! :)

The past year with my little man!!

Easton is closing out his first year at 21 lbs and 30 inches. He is an official walker, walking everywhere! He never figured out mama, but he is a pro at saying "Dada, ball, cheese, chick, hi, and hey". He loves his milk, and eats anything, however really likes to play wih his food more than eat . He knows what the word "No" means however he still really doesn't care what you have to say, he does what he wants!

Here are few more pictures:

To close today out, I can say that I 100% agree with the famous quote of:
"The years are short, but the days are long". 

I still can't believe it has been a whole year, but there are days that I wasn't sure we would make it to a year! :)

However, what a difference a year does make!!!

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