Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Water Park..

A friend of mine, told me about a new park I should check out. So today, Easton and I went to check it out. I can 100% say it is our new favorite and we will be frequenting the park a lot this summer. It has a water feature, the bucket swings, a sand pit, low play stuff so Easton can climb and best of all lots of shade and trees for me! :) I could spend hours there!!

It is so fun to watch Easton play with other kids and watch other kids. He makes me laugh when he just stares, I want to tell him, "don't you know that is rude."! :)

Here are a few pictures, and when I saw a few I actually mean a ton! :) Enjoy!!

Checking all the kids out, and wondering what he is suppose to do.

Oh, I see I am suppose to get up and play in the water!

WHOA!!! Water came spraying out and scared him just a bit!

This is actually pretty cool!

This is not just pretty cool, this is Awesome!! Thanks mom for bringing me here!

I tried walking around this thing, but my crab crawl is just must faster!

Love the sand pit!! I know how much mom loves the sand all over me!

Awe, I can relax in my swing now!!

No more pictures mom!

I had to go back one more time before we left, and of course to wash the sand off!

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