Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A cliff note version of my last week..

Last week has been a bit rough over here, so here is a cliff note version of my life.. I promise you one thing, you won't be jealous! :)

Wednesday - Easton gets sick  and I mean throwing up sick, every 30 minutes sick, all night long sick...

Thursday - We can't leave the house because Easton is still sick and so weak, so we didn't get out of our PJ's and I did 101 loads of laundry since Easton managed to mess up pretty much all blankets, sheets, clothes etc that we own.

Friday- McCoy gets sick, and I mean throwing up sick, every 30 minutes sick, all day long sick ...

Saturday - I WANT OUT OF THE HOUSE AND A SHOWER!!! I made it to the gym, but it was quick, because Easton was being whinny in the playarea..

Sunday- Drake gets sick, and I mean throwing up sick, every few hours sick, all day long sick...
*** I now want to run to a far away island away from anyone in my family since all I have done for 4 straight days is clean up after sick people and tend to their every need while they still whine at me. ***

Monday - Thinking we might be ready for a new week.. Chloe gets sick on my carpet.. AWESOME!!!

Tuesday - It's snowing which is cool, but we are stuck inside because they are closing everything, and well I already know what this means for tomorrow. NO SCHOOL! It's not getting above freezing and it's snowing, so I know they will cancel preschool tomorrow!

I will say that I won't complain to much, because I did zone out at the gym the day I made it and happen to be watching good ole Save by the Bell ( in which case I knew all the words to episode I was watching, and was reminded how cheesy and good the show is all at the same time). The episode was one where Zach falls for a girl who is homeless and the whole show talks about homeless people. While watching I was reminded that I could have it a lot worse, at least I have a family in my home to clean up after and take care of, some people would do anything to have a home even if everyone in the home was throwing up all over it! :) So life is not really that bad6

So I tired to keep my head up, and stay positive, since I couldn't have wine or coffee ( I am doing a 21 day detox which neither are apart of clearly) bad timing on my part over here!

Here are a few pictures.. not a lot, I promise there was not much to take pictures of with all the sickness!

These are the sweet moments I cherish of these two! 

Easton is sick! 

Drake is sick! 

Easton didn't like his bed after he got sick in it, so I got him new sheets and told him it was a "new bed" and he was ok with that and asked if McCoy could sleep with him! Cute huh! :) 

It's snowing! :) 

Easton likes to climb in bed with McCoy! 

He helps McCoy with his bottles.. He is actually really liking McCoy these days! 

Two Sundays ago, McCoy went swimming for the first time! 

McCoy can finally swing at the park..

So as I went back through the pictures, most of these are from the week before since we didn't do much last week! :)

Here is to a better week! :)

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  1. Is there EVER a good time to not be able to have wine or coffee??? Also, I love that Saved by the Bell was able to give you perspective on your day. :) But seriously, I feel for you... that week sounds AWFUL!