Sunday, January 5, 2014

I know you have all been waiting...

... for my new years resolution! :)

I have thought long and hard on this, and their are many things that I can improve on, but really most of them required me to give up something that I really just don't want to give up.. like wine and coffee. And with out those, well life would just not be the same!

So for those who know me, you will know this is a more than a perfect resolution for me, and we might call it more of a rule or goal than a resolution..

So drum roll please.............

I vow to not got to TARGET unless I have at least 5 items on my list!

Between my redcard, cartwheel and starbucks inside Target, I find just about any reason to stop in, and then proceed to spend way to much money. So hopefully I will save myself some money, and well hopefully my second son won't also get in the car and start saying " Mom, we going to Target".

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