Sunday, August 29, 2010

Chloe wants to help...

Tomorrow is the big packing day!! So all weekend we have been getting things ready for the movers to pack. Drake has done a great job of knocking things off his TO-DO list I had waiting for him. As we speak he is asking Chloe to come outside and help him empty the gas out of the lawn mower!! :)
Chloe made a trip to Home Depot with us, one of her favorite places since they keep treats in their orange pockets tied around their waist. She knows exactly who to go beg for a treat! We got some boxes to pack a few things, but thank goodness the movers are packing most things!!
Chloe also helped us with our gauge sale we had on Friday, but I am not sure "help" is the right word. Chloe was more bad for business then helpful, since she felt the need to bark at everyone and check each person out as they came up! I do not think she wanted anyone to take her stuff!! :) All in all, the gauge sale was a huge success!
Tonight is going to feel like the night before the first day of school or the night before Christmas, I am so excited for tomorrow and so excited to get to California.. I don't know if I will be able to sleep!! :) Tonight is our last night in this house, but soon we will be in our new cute house!

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