Thursday, September 2, 2010

90210... what a big day!!

So today's date is quite fitting for this day in the Drake family!! The day started off with Drake's sister, Jenny having her baby! I have been anxiously awaiting the babies arrival, for the mere fact that Jenny and Brad did not find out the sex of the baby!! This has been driving me nuts and I know that they love that fact! :) So today they welcomed a sweet baby GIRL.... which being that she was born on 90210 in the state of California, has to mean that she is set for pure stardom in Hollywood one day!! I can't wait to meet her!!

Today also happens to be the day Chloe and I make our way to California. I think there is no other way to head to the state of stars and celebrities then on 90210!! Our flight has been great so far, and Chloe has literally been a rock star on this journey today! She might be a bit spoiled when it comes to riding around in the car and getting whatever she wants, but today she has to ride in her cute new carrying bag that I got her! I feared that she would cause me humiliation when putting her in the bag in front of the hustle and bustle and every so patient crowds you find at the airport, but she did not!! Chloe first fell asleep on the taxi ride to the airport and then after we went through security and it was time to get back in the bag, she literally almost walked right back into it like she had done it a 100 times. I had a proud mommy moment! We are still in the air right now and she has been passed out since we took off! So hopefully the rest of the trip will go as smoothly as the first half!

Since I will have lived in San Fran for less then 24 hours, I thought it was fitting that I not waste another minute and head up to Napa. So, we are headed up to Napa Friday and are spending the the Labor Day weekend there!! Everyone have a great Labor Day and a great rest of 90210!!

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