Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Where in the world do I begin..

So I think I will begin with the positive stuff first! The trip out to California was off to a great start, I landed BEFORE my arrival time, now how often does that happen! I then quickly got to my car and all that jazz and was off to my first 49er game in less than an hour. The day could not have gone better, however then our tidal wave made a slow entrance..

Drake called and told me that we were going to need to stay in a hotel since he had been over to our rent house and it was not "type A clean freak" ready for me! :) So I should have taken this as a red flag but I decided that the day was too good to let that get me down! Chloe loved the hotel because she was greeted with a bowl and a bag of treats when we entered the room! Hotel number 1 down.

The next two days were spent letting the tidal wave that was about to hit us get all wound up. We enjoyed a lovely day in Napa and a Day in the city with our friends Lindsay and Corey. It was a great trip and a perfect way to get my feet wet in San Fran. We stayed in two different hotels one in Napa and one in the city, so needless to say when we called down to get our car pulled up and check out, we were ready to go to our NEW HOME and stay! Hotel 2 and 3 down.

This is when it poured.. my car would not start for the valet guy! We finally jump it and head home. Meanwhile Drake's brakes decided they would go out. So we are in a place we know nothing about on Labor day,  you try to get things taken care of? We get Drake's car in to get new brakes, but have to use my car to get around for the day, so comically enough Drake would stay in the car to make sure it didn't die while I would run in the stores. Can we say Ghetto!

Car gets taken care of early Tuesday morning, but lets just say their Lexus Dealership is no Sewell! The day is looking brighter since the movers call me shortly after to tell me our stuff will be here on Wednesday, the next day.. and Drake's birthday!! Perfect.. let's move forward to 10:30 at night..

Chloe has been scratching herself and acting funny for a bit, so Drake decides to pick her up and this is when I freak out.. Chloe had about 50 flea's ( and I am not not lying) all over her.. GROSS, GROSS, GROSS... so we start trying to clean her and long story short we were up all night just waiting for the sun to come up. In these hours we figured out that the whole house is infested with flea's and fly's to top it off... So we decide we are not going to let our things get unloaded today, I had to sadly work out a deal with the movers to keep our stuff on the truck for a few more days, while we either have the landlords fix this problem or we find a new place to live, this was very hard, since I have been waiting for our stuff for so long and I would not say it was a deal, I won't even talk about that cost..

So we are now at the point where we looked at some options of new places today, the landlords are putting in new carpeting and bombing the house, but we are still not sure we are comfortable with everything.. I will keep you posted... :(

So needless to say Drake is not having a good birthday today and I now call blogging therapy..

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