Monday, September 27, 2010

Chloe goes to the beach.. Santa Cruz

First things first today, we finally got INTERNET!! That is right, I don't have to make my daily Barnes and nobles trip just to use their Internet, and then feel bad for not buying any books! :)

The weekend was just as exciting, one of Drake's clients offered us his beach house for the weekend! We felt sorry for ourselves for having to deal with the last few weeks, so we didn't hesitate and asked "when do we leave"! This was not just a beach house, but one of the nicest I have ever seen, and to top it off, it was right on the water, it was such a treat!

We toured around a bit, got brunch, layed out, Chloe ran around and we relaxed, it was perfect!! Here are some pictures from the trip!

Chloe was not sure about the water, and the water got her one time, it was funny!

Chloe made a friend!

Yeah, I rule the beach!!

Come on Dad, you are not fast enough..

Just another day in the life of Chloe..

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