Saturday, September 11, 2010

Finally we have a home...

After 4 long days, but what seems like 4 long weeks, we have decided where we are going to live. We are staying in the original house that we started with. Yes, I know we both were unsure about this option, but really we had no choice. However, we both feel confident that God is putting us right where we need to be!! We spent the last few days looking at new houses and putting offers on a few. None of our offers were accepted, so we feel that God was really directing us back to our original plan!

The house is really cute and we know once we get over the fact that it HAD ( being the key word) bugs in it, we will be perfectly fine and so happy!! They did bomb the house and replace all the carpets and paint walls, so all in all I am getting all new stuff!!

We finally get our stuff off the truck in the morning and hopefully I will be spending the next few days getting our life back in order! We have laughed at ourselves over the past few days, as we each only have a few clean cloths left, I am almost out of contacts, we have stuff in 4 different places and have slept in 6 different hotels/houses over the past 7 days.. we have defiantly created some memories that will last forever and hopefully be a lot funnier as we tell the story then the last few days actually were.

Love to everyone and thanks so much for all your support and prayers through this crazy week!! We can't wait to have people over to our "flea" house! :) ... kidding there are no more! fleas!!

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  1. So glad the Drake's have a home. I think ya'll made a good choice and did all the right things to get where you are. It took a lot of courage to not move that furniture in and go through all you did for the last few days! I know everything will look great in the house. I can't wait to see it - you will put your personal touch on everything and it will look great - you and Drake will have many happy times there!!!