Monday, September 20, 2010

Getting used to things...

It has been a week since we moved our stuff in and guess what I am BORED... who would have guessed! :) I got the house all done and now, there is nothing to do but shop, and let's not forget I don't have a job, so shopping is not the best thing for me to be doing right now!

Drake's mom was suppose to come in this weekend, however she got sick so she was not able to come, which was a real bummer, I was so excited to see her!! So, instead I went to go see Lisa and her family, one of Drake's sisters!! She just had a sweet little girl, named Stella and I tell you what, she is the best baby in the whole world!! She sleeps through the night and she is pretty quite, I hope my baby is like that one day! Lisa told me not to get my hopes up, that she is just extra good!

Tonight is the first home 49er game and it kills me that the game is at 5:30, who plays that early on a Monday, but I forget that we have to play early so it is on during a normal time for everyone else, this is another reason why Texas is better! :) All times are normal since Texas is  right in the middle of all time zones!

 So now that I am on my soap box about things I "will have to get used to", here are a few more:

1) Prime time shows come on at 8pm, not 7, yet Keeping up with the Kardarsians comes on at 7 not 9, someone please explain that to me!
2) Motorcycles can just drive right between you and another car on the highway, I think I might kill one before it is all set and done
3) Not being able to talk on your cell phone in the car.. :(
4) Coke or Dr. Pepper Products are not at any major drink fountains, only Pespi Products .. Yuck
5) In and Out, is no Whataburger..

Things that will take no time at all to get used to are:
1) Weather, it is perfect
2) You can walk everywhere, which is fun
3) Drake's family being close is so fun, I have already seen three siblings in less than a week!

Well I think that is about all that I am used to for now, but miss and love everyone! Picture's of the house will be up soon!

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  1. Can't wait for pictures... Texas misses you but the weather in California is much to be desired! Send some this way!