Thursday, September 30, 2010

Really California..

OMG.. I officially just found the number one reason while California is not my favorite place. I went to the grocery store today and decided to do the self check out since I only had 3 items, the first thing I scan is my water bottles that are $3.99( so I think), they show up as $3.99 on the screen and then below it as if I had scanned another item, shows this CRV for $1.20. At this point, I am confused, I did not scan anything else nor do I have any items for this amount. So like an annoying customer who wants to complain over $1.20, I ask,"mam, what is this charge, I don't understand will it came from." The lady looks at me like I am stupid and says, it's the CRV charge duh.. I look back at her with a what the heck is a CRV charge??

She explains to me that every time you buy plastic, glass, or cans California thinks it is OK to charge you a California Recycle Something charge to ensure that you recycle your plastics, glass, and cans.. I mean really, this is ridiculous.. but I am still confused at this point and she goes on to tell me that I can get my money back, so I start to ease up and think, Oh OK this is not so bad.. only to find out that you have to take your bottles, cans, and glass YOURSELF to a recycle center to get your money back.. REALLY

So in my head I start to process the fact that I pay for a recycle service that is mandatory at my house with the trash service, I apparently now have to pay to buy the plastic, glass or cans, and the ONLY way to get my $1.20 back is to bag up the bottles and take them to a center.. how in the world does California think this makes since, oh yeah that is right, they find any way they can to take your money!!!

So guess what I am doing this afternoon, yep you guessed, I am setting up a new trash can for just the bottles, cans and glass so I can make my trips to the recycle center to get my money back.. :)they are not getting my money! So we now have a regular garage can, a get your money back recycle can, and a normal recycle can to put out front... I would say this is crazy... Texas you just wait for when we come back, we will need a moving van just for our different trash cans...

( By the way this is not just over a $1.20, but that is just the water bottles, not the other things that you also get charged for times how many times you buy these things... and Drake family don't worry I will get over it, and soon love California! :) )

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