Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Trick or TREAT...

Chloe only hears the last part of that saying, and when she hears "Treat" she perks right up. In getting ready for Halloween, I of course had to explain to Chloe that the only way you get "treats" on Halloween is to dress up!! So today we tried on our outfits!! Over Halloween Chloe will be staying with Drake's Brother Donald and his family which consist of  four kids, so I am sure the outfit Chloe ends up wearing will all depend on what the kiddos pick!! Here are some pictures of Miss Chloe getting ready for Halloween...

Speaking of Treats, I had got quite the treat yesterday when I met Drake's sisters in Berkley and got to meet both little babies. Little Miss Riley who is 7 weeks and Miss Stella who is 11 weeks!! They were both super cute, and dressed alike. I loved getting to see both babies and sisters!!

Hope everyone has a great Halloween!!!

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