Monday, April 28, 2014

Just a little bit of what we have been up too...

These past few weeks have been so nice! We haven't had any major plans, but that is what makes it nice! We don't have to be anywhere, so we have just been literally making it up as we go! We have been trying new places and now that it is warm, there is a whole new pool of things we can go do! Since I am obsessed with my children, I clearly take pictures everywhere we go! So here is what we have been up to! :)

My shopping body at the mall! 

Just practicing his walking on the baby treadmill! 

I turned around the other day and saw McCoy doing this, and then I remembered I had the exact same picture of Easton helping with the dishes! :) 

McCoy with his buddy Jackson, shopping of course! 
We ran a 5K in the rain, the only way I got Drake there was for the free BEER! :) 
Love when they are dressed alike! Best picture I could get! :) 

Park time!!

My Happy Boy! 

Just chilling in the parking lot, waiting to pick up brother! We don't go in a minute early! :) 

Little Carnival last Friday!  

Both my big boys doing the fun house! :) 

I think they like me.. they sure don't show it! :) 

It's finally pool time! 

Breakfast with my boys Sunday before Drake left for the week! 

That's about all we have been up to, just enjoying some family time and some warm weather! Hope everyone has a great week!

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