Sunday, July 6, 2014

4th of July...

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend! I had to laugh at church today because the Pastor started off with ( insert: it was a very light crowd in attendance) .. " Well Hello Everyone who does not own a lake/beach house or have a friend who has one" ! Yep, that is us, we don't have that so we were among the few just hanging out at home this weekend! ;)

Despite not having a vacation planned for the Holiday we still managed to find some fun stuff around town! Those that know me well, know the 4th is my favorite Holiday! So I managed to devise a plan that allowed me to see 3, yes 3 firework shows! :) Me so sneaky, and Drake is so over me and my favorite works! ** Actually all holidays I go over board with the tradition of the holiday.. i.e. pumpkin patches, Easter egg hunts.. but who is counting!

The boys got to see one of the firework shows, and McCoy clapped the whole way through it and loved it! Easton told us it was too loud and scary and he needed to go home. You can't make them all happy! All in all, it was a fun  weekend and it was nice to just get to hang out. Sadly it ended with Drake leaving for a work trip, but good news is Easton is going to his first camp this week! :) Wahoo.. :)

Oh wait, I think I am more excited then he is! It's just a little sports camp where they focus on a different sport each day and it's only half a day! But it should be fun for him! Hope he likes it!

Here are some pictures from the weekend..

Thursday Night we went to a show with the boys! 

Friday we went to the Parade in town! Easton is always so willing to take pictures these days! 

The whole fam! Crazy to think this time last year we were only a family of 3 and well I was huge praying for McCoy to come any day! 

Me and My McCoy boy! 

Saturday we took the boys to a play house! Easton was being pretty funny hiding in the balls! 

On the 4th we went to watch the fireworks from a friends high rise, it was the most amazing view I have ever had! They literally were in my face! 
Saturday Night, we went to play TopGolf with some friends! It was a lot of fun! We then watched fireworks on the way home! 

Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th!

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