Friday, November 5, 2010

Fridays are always good days!!

Today, I got to see our little one!! However it is a shy little baby, when it was time to do the ultrasound, it decided to hide from us!! I had to go drink some water and wait 30 minutes and then go back and try again, this time the little one decided it was nap time! The little nugget was sleeping..I mean really little nugget, could you just work with me!! :) .. so we woke it up and it immediately put one hand on it's head and one over it's eyes!! How cute is that, he/she is a shy one!! ( This can't be true if it has any part of his daddy???)

Little Nugget is getting bigger!!
 To add to this good day, I bought my first Christmas present, well actually my second Christmas present since I already bought the dogs their gifts!! I love knocking people off my list for holiday shopping, who could the present be for?? I am not telling!! :) .. however I will share with you, Cooper and Chloe's present..

Doggies need towels after their baths too!:)
And I can't end this good day with out sharing the bedding my mom is working on!! She has graciously offered to make the baby bedding for me, which I am so thankful for, since I am told I am picky little one, this allows me to pick exactly what I want!! Yea!! This is the first piece my mom finished and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!

This is just the quilt for the bedding, more to come!!
To top this great Friday, Drake and I are going to dinner in downtown Los Gatos, to a cute pizza place!! I love the area and it should be a fun night out together!! Yea for Fridays!! 


  1. aw, how cute. i love the bedding you chose, too.

    have fun in LG. where are y'all headed? pizza my heart?

  2. We went to Willowstreet!! It was yummy and we got to eat on the patio so it was nice with the heaters and cool air and all the lights in all the trees! I loved it!!