Monday, November 8, 2010

Something you should be thankful for this Thanksgiving...

I would say that the month of November reminds us to be thankful for many things, now I am not sure why we decide to express our thankfulness only one month of the entire year.. for my math friends that is saying that we are only thankful 8.3% of that time.. wow.. I am also not sure what is is about November that really reminds us to be thankful since all I have seen this month in the stores is Christmas stuff that doesn't remind me to be thankful but to be shamelessly asking for more.. anyways.. on to my point here ...

It is the little things that we need to remember year around and be thankful for, for instance ladies my main reason for writing this.. when is the last time you were thankful for your NAIL LADY!!!! Well I am here to tell you to add this person to your list this year, because good nail ladies are hard to find, and not sure a specific lady, but just a good nail salon in general. Since our move, I have gotten my nails done 2 times.. The first place was wonderful so I thought.. $30 for a mani/pedi.. wow that is a deal!! However the service was worth way less than $30 bucks, and after waiting for what I was told was going to be 10 mins, which was actually 45 mins.. and then being asked to walk across a not so clean floor barefoot.. GROSS!!! I decided this place was not worth coming back to.. so on to the next place.. I guess you get what you pay for!

The second place was still yelling "pick your color" as soon as I came in, which I hate, but can deal with.. however I found out after I started my nails that a mani/pedi was $45 dollars here, which is a bit pricey( which by the way, Why do nail places never post their prices and if they do they are hidden?? ).. so what do you do once you already have your feet in the water.. you just pay the price!! Well things seemed to be better so I didn't have a problem with the extra cost until, my favorite part came.. the MESSAGE!! I love this part.. oh but I was so disappointed because the lady put the lotion on and then slapped it around literally and this took about 10 seconds.. then she ask me if I want more message!! Well of course I do, so I said yes please!! This is when she pulls out the good stuff!! I was a happy camper, until... it was time to pay, the total is now $55?? , why I ask.. "you get extra massage time".. ahhhh... of course they would charge me for that, the should have said, " Do you want more massage for $10??""... annoying so now this place is crossed off my list..

They say third time is a charm.. so hopefully the next time will be much better.. how I just want to go back to my lady in Dallas.... so moral of the story, be thankful for your nail lady, it is hard to find good ones, and if you don't get your nails done, replace the nails in this story with your hair lady and be extra thankful!!! 

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  1. This posting is sooo hilarious....and soo true! If I had a dollar for every horrible and annoying mani/pedi I've had, I'd be rich! I still haven't found a great one but I am thankful for my hairdresser.