Monday, May 16, 2011

No Longer "Life as we know it"..

Yesterday, May 15th was a big day for our little family! Easton Thomas Drake was born at 6:29am weighing in at 7lbs 2 oz and is 20 inches long! ( I was pretty happy with him being 7lbs, being that the ultra sound on Friday predicted him being 8lbs...(thank goodness he wasn't)

Easton is already a pretty special little guy. My mom has been so worried that she would miss his birth having to fly in from Austin, but Easton had a plan all along. We picked up my mom at 3:30pm on Saturday and that is about the same time that I started feeling pretty strong contractions. We had plans to go to dinner that night for our one last meal out before inducing on Monday. Well as the clock rolled around to 7:30pm we were on the road but not to dinner...the hospital! We were admitted right away and then we were in for the long haul.. I will leave the details out, but little man's timing is impeccable once again. He arrived right as the sun was rising. It was beautiful outside, the sun was shining on the beauitful California mountians which was our view as they told me to keep pushing and in return wanted to punch the lady in the face. All of this on a beautiful SUNDAY morning. However, right after he arrived the sun went back in and it rained the rest of the day.. God truly brought him to us!! We are so blessed.

So since then, Drake and I have hardly slept, Easton has slept a ton, and my mom has been wonderful along with ALL of  our family and friends who have been there to support us. Drake has been super cute and so wonderful helping, and I have yet to change a diaper, due to Super Dad who is very particular about how you change Easton's diaper! ;) So for now, that is his job! Drake is also very worried about swaddling Easton the same as the nurse does, and I still think it is impossible, but Drake is doing much better at it then I.

Here are some pictures from our big day:

It's time!!

Drake's Mom and Dad were with us (His Dads pocket watch)!!

Welcome little guy!! ( Bath time)

Grandma Maggie is finally a grandma and finally got to hold him, after waiting forever! The NICU people are pretty strict!

Just chillin with Dad.

Little Easton!! I love you so much already!

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  1. This post makes me smile! So happy for you, Casey! He's a cutie!