Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Week and Easton's Baptisim

We had a great week this past week down at Drake's moms house. We drove down to her house on Tuesday and played all week. I love hanging out with his family, they are so fun and there is always something going on. We had a great Thanksgiving at Joe's house on Thursday, where some 40 something adults and 20 kids I would guess had dinner. It was great! Friday we celebrated a birthday for Sara and Shea. Then Saturday Mr. Easton was baptized.

We made it back early this morning ( after much debate on when to leave, Drake decided on 5 in the morning and I hate to say he was right, but we didn't hit any traffic!! So yes he gets some points for that) Speaking of points, when we got home, Drake scored even more points for himself, he helped me put the Christmas lights up outside and then watched Easton so I could get my tree up! I am a happy girl right now!

I could go into so much detail about the weekend but, we would all be here all day, so instead enjoy some pictures!!

He was super happy that it was Thanksgiving!

I love this picture, he actually looks like a fat kid! :)

Family picture!!

Easton was as in to the 49er game as Drake was!!

I love watching Easton playing with all his cousins!

About to get baptized!

So neat to see all of these family members at Easton's baptism!! Thank you everyone for coming!

The gown Easton was baptized in, was the same gown that all of his cousins and I think aunts and uncles were baptized in as well! pretty cool!

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