Saturday, October 20, 2012

Loving Halloween..

I have never been a fan of Halloween, dressing up is not my favorite thing to do. However, something crazy has gotten into me lately, and I am loving Halloween!

I think it has to do with Easton, I want to do all the fun Halloween and Pumpkin things with him, and I guess the holiday excitement is contagious, because I have Halloween going on all month.

Easton and I have been making Halloween crafts every afternoon, and I swear he knows what a pumpkin is. If you ask him to go grab his pumpkin, he goes and gets it. ( I had to buy him a little foam pumpkin so he would stop trying to pick my pumpkins up off the front steps! ) He also has a pumpkin book that he loves, but to be honest I am really ready to put it away, if I have to read about Pepper Picking Pumpkins one more time, I am going to go crazy.........

So this weekend to keep with the holiday, my friend Kristin and I planned a date night for our husbands but didn't tell them the plan. We took them to dinner and then let them know they would be going to the Winchester Hunted House! ;) It's a famous Hunted House that people tour year around, but for Halloween they have F.R.I.G.H.T  N.I.G.HT!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yea, it was scary and both of the boys would be lying to you if they said they did not get scared a few times. Neither boy wanted to lead the way, somehow it ended up being Kristin and I, and I can't lie either, I am pretty sure I peed my pants a few times.....SCARY SCARY HOUSE!

Then Saturday bright and early, Kristin and I got up to go do a pumpkin play day for Junior League, of course we had pumpkin spice coffee in hand as well . We had to dress up and all the kiddos were dressed up. It was cute to see all these kids have so much fun and learn at the same time. The kids we were working with, don't get these kinds of treats very often so to see the smile on their faces was the biggest treat of the weekend!

Here are some pictures of our Halloween fun so far, with all the fun, I have yet to put Easton in his costume, minus the day we got it to try it on... so we must get him in that soon!

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