Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I think I might be in trouble in the future..

Easton and I ran to the mall today, and we stopped by the play area on our way out. Easton loves the play area, but he has recently discovered a few little arcade type rides on the backside of the play area. He now runs out of the play area and over to the rides. So he gets a ride today, and then starts telling me "Want". So I ask him, " What do you want". He points at my purse, and some how knew it was called a purse, as he said "want purse". ( Not sure if I should worry that he knows what purses are.. too girly if you ask me).. So I give him my purse, and he digs right in for my wallet. Pulls out my wallet, asks me to open it, and after I do so, he immediately pulls out my credit card. He takes the card and starts sliding it where you are suppose to insert coins.

It was one of those moments as a mom that you take in what just happened, and you go " Oh my gosh how did he put it all together.. " . Then a few things run though my head..
1) Wow, he is pretty smart he knows a credit card is money
2) Wow, he is pretty dumb, he thinks the card was going to fit in the slot
3) Wow, he knows the machine takes money, being that I have actually never paid for him to ride it
4) Wow, I might shop way to much if he knows that much about a credit card

I should have known he knew all of this, for every time we go to target ( our main shopping trips)  or any store for that matter, he is the swiper of the credit card. He loves the job, and actually is pretty good at it. However, I am a bit worried that as he gets older he might just think swiping the card is no big deal, I KNOW that he doesn't understand that you have to have money to be able to swipe the card! To him it most likely some magical card that works wonders.. if only that was the case! :)
"Want Momma Want"

So good thing I have been resourceful lately with our fruit that was going to go bad! I went to costco last week, and while their fruit always seems like such a deal, we can't eat all of it before it goes bad! So I made Popsicles with the strawberries and two loafs of banana nut bread with the bananas. Guess I am going to have to get good at this, if Easton is going to keep just swiping my card! ;)

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