Saturday, August 17, 2013

McCoy is 1 month..

Yes, these monthly pictures are back! :) I know you have missed them!

How is it possible that this boy is already a month old! :) Crazy how time flies!

I would love to say that I have all these stats on McCoy, but being that this is the second go around, I am totally ok, with not going to the Doctor on his exact 1 month date, like I always did with Easton. So we are not going till later next week! What I can tell you is that this boy is BIG! I am not a betting girl, but I will put all my money on the fact that this kid is over 10 lbs already! ( Easton didn't reach 10 pounds till he was 2 months.. lol)

McCoy is wearing 3 month clothes and is a great baby! The kid goes down to sleep at 7 and wakes up for his feeds, goes right back to sleep and doesn't wake for the morning till 7! He is pretty mellow and just loves looking around! The kid can go through some diapers as well!

One bad thing about McCoy, he only wants to be held! He doesn't like getting put in swings and bouncers, so we are doing a lot of ergo time! :)

We love you Coy Boy and we are loving getting to know your sweet little personality!

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