Saturday, May 17, 2014

Little Man is 10 months..

Our little man is 10 months old, which seems crazy! This month our man got some new shoes, which are helping him with his balance a lot more. His feet turn in pretty bad, and we went to a specialist for them. The doctor said it was "Some Long Medical Term" and its very common, and that it will fix itself. Till then, he said he would need more supportive shoes, so no cute little toms, or converses! :( .. To Stride Rite I went, and got him the coolest ones I could find in his size. To this day, he has not ONCE been able to get the shoes off. All other shoes he could get off in 2 seconds flat.

So now my little man is standing on his own for 20 seconds or so and when you hold him he will walk anywhere. He will walk toys and chairs across a room, but needs the toy for support! So I think he will be close to walking on his own soon!

Other than getting him some nice new shoes, which for the record cost more than my own sandals, McCoy is just loving life and is a happy little guy!

Happy 10 months McCoy Boy!

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