Monday, January 24, 2011

A Productive and Oddly Exciting Weekend..

Well I want everyone to take a minute and brace themselves for what I am about to say. This weekend was so unbelievably beautiful outside that I might have fallen in love with California for a split second! Yes, that is right, I was one happy little camper when the warm sun was shinning down on me and I was able to be out and about with out a coat. Meanwhile all my Texas friends and family were freezing! I just want to say haha! :)

No but seriously it was so pretty outside, that it was truly a crime if you stayed in doors. So I decided to clean up the yard and get it looking nice and ready for spring. The Gardner's pruned all the roses, for I really have no idea how to do that. I then planted Pansy's in the walkway. This took me all of Saturday afternoon, this gardening stuff is hard work!  However, I am very excited now that the yard looks great and even more excited to see the flowers really grow and bloom over the next couple of months. Pretty flowers are not something I normally get to see a lot of in Texas.

Along with our pretty flowers, we also did some shopping for our guest bedroom. We currently only had one guest bed, however with just my family coming to visit there was not a place for everyone to sleep and I know poor Randi is tired of getting the couch! So we purchased another guest bed, which means that we obviously think that lots of people want to come visit us! Hopefully Easton will attract some visitors for us! Of course when you buy a new bed, what else does that mean.. yep, your right... Casey gets to go shopping for new bedding and pillows! I really can't complain about sun and then shopping! ;) Here is what we ended up with.

Now I saved the best for last! Mr. Drake needs to get bragged on here, he scored some major brownie points this weekend. Sunday morning I went to church and ran some errands and was gone for a few hours. When I got back around one, I came home to find that Drake had put the WHOLE crib together by himself on his own, and had it all ready for me! I was so happy, I totally expected to have to pull him off the couch and bug him, but no he did it all on his own with out me bugging him! I guess he is ready for Mr. Easton to arrive! :)
You can imagine my smile when I walked in the door and this is what I saw! You can't see the finished product till I get the bedding all put in. However, that should be soon! :) 

After the bed was in place, this is where  I found my two little helpers! All pooped from working so hard, and not missing a second of the football game. 

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