Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Venice Beach..need I say more!

Drake and I had a wonderful weekend. We hoped on a quick flight to LA and happen to hit a beautiful weekend with the temperatures in the 80's! It was a nice change from the cold. We were able to see family and attend Drakes Brother's 50th birthday party. The party was wonderful, and I really wish I had pictures from the party to show you( it was not the type of party you could just walk around with your own camera), it was truly the  most beautiful party and so nicely done. I could try to explain the greatness of the party to you with pages of text and it would still not do the event justice, so I will just say great job Maggie, you did a great job on the party!

The  next day we went over to Venice Beach since it was so pretty outside and we were welcomed by some very interesting people, some might even be creatures. :) I know the beach is known for some crazies but it was truly a sight to be seen. I did find it interesting that there we so many activities in one place for people to par take in, and I got very excited about the spring time. I am so ready to get out and explore more of our new city and just be outdoors.

An outside gym on the beach! Arnold Schwarzenegger worked out here, and as you can see it draws lots of interesting people! I am thinking Randi might find her future boyfriend here when she comes to visit! Everyone keep your fingers crossed! ;)  

If you thing is not working out, no worries you can spend the day spray painting the wall! No joke, that is what the wall is for!

You can just hang out and lounge anywhere here, so pretty!

You can spend your day skate boarding, I had never seen one of these skate board park things! There were little kids flying around on this, it was crazy!

You can shop the strip of fine retail shops! Every other shop sells medical marijuana cards, so come and get yours while you can! :)

You can tip all the homeless who want to show of their talents on the sidewalk!

You can go to the Freak show, literally staring freaks, that is how they advertised it!

I saved my favorite picture for last, if you want a good time, come to Venice beach you will "crack" up all day long!

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  1. OMG! Love the crack!!! Well, I didn't love it, but I cracked up!
    The pictures remind me of the 1990's version of Romeo & Juliet. Very urban beach, if you will! How interesting