Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Today's Number is 8..

Eight.. Oh how I have  a love/hate relationship with you right now. Today I am 8 months pregnant. While, yes I am always excited to move to another month, merely because that is one month closer to meeting my little guy, this month I find myself a bit annoyed.. Why you ask?? Well for all of my life I have been told and society lets you believe that pregnancy is ONLY 9 MONTHS!! Now, why on earth we let everyone grow up saying 9 months of pregnancy and why we name movies 9 months when they are about babies, I have no idea.. what I do know is I have news for those of you who truly believe that pregnancy is only 9 months and for those of you who already knew this, shame on you for not telling me! :) This 40 week business, is really getting on my nerves today, for today at 8 months, I feel like I should only have one month to go, however I sadly still have 2 months, which is an eternity to me. I feel like a kid at Christmas waiting for Santa Clause, waiting for Christmas day, or in this case May 17th it feels like it is just never going to get here!

Eight is also the number of times that I wake up at night these days, due to this sweet little child that does not know the difference between night and day and well to be quite frank, is making me extremely uncomfortable. Eight is also the number of times that he just kicked me in that last sentence! :) He better be a pro soccer player or a kicker for the football team or something, I just want an explanation for all this kicking that he insist on.

So as of today, if you can't tell I am over being pregnant and so ready for May to arrive and for this little guy to make an appearance. I truly have no reason to complain, I have a wonderful pregnancy and problem free thus far. I am extremely thankful and blessed,  however I just want an explanation of why we say pregnancy is 9 months and it is really 10 months?? I only signed up for 9, and didn't expect this bonus of an extra month!

Let's just hope that 8 is not the number of pounds this baby weights! :)

On a positive note, I had a doctor's appointment today and things are looking great, and this weekend I get to see some of Drake's family for a baby shower and to top it off, I get to see my mom 8 days in a row!


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  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who got a rude awakening! Why do they let us believe it's 9 months when it's actually 10? Enjoy your time with your mama!!!!!

  3. Wyatt was 8 pounds even!! ;) hope you are able to rest these next two months! Yes, 40 weeks stinks! I thought the same thing!!