Sunday, January 15, 2012

2/3's the way there...

Today is the day that my man turns 8 months.. Time is flying, but I love this stage, well I pretty much love every stage after 3 months! :)

We are eating baby waffles, pizza, grilled chesse, and still all the fruits and veggies. Mommy loves that at lunch I can just find something on my plate and hand it over!! We make daily trips to the park, and we can actually run errands with out a feeding or a diaper change!!  We play and laugh all day, and Easton loves riding on my back.. he thinks its so fun! I have also learned that there is no need for toys, Easton loves water bottles, dog toys/bowls and any water just as much!

We have hair.. but pictures are getting a bit harder, he won't stay still for any of them!
Ok, I know I have had a lot of post lately, but I promise  this is the last one.. I will be gone for 3 weeks!! You will get a break from me! :)

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