Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ringing in the New Year..

For the New year we decided to go to Palm Springs to meet some good friends of ours for the weekend. We had a great time! It could not have been a more perfect way to end a year and start a new one. We spent our days on the golf course, at the pool, at the spa and just relaxing with good friends.

Don't take  your eye off Easton, or he will be on the baggage claim!

Again, don't take your eye off him, or he will be in the pool! He did scratch his chin up within 10 mins of being there!!

Pool time!!

Easton Loves the water!!

My little man, before we went out!!

He was nice and happy on new years day! :)

Richard, Devon, and Drake and I at the party!

 Easton is going to be a swimmer i think!! He had no Fear literally!

Simply a beautiful view!

We feel very blessed after 2011 and we can’t wait to see what 2012 brings for us! We wish everyone a happy new year full of love, happiness, health and prosperity.  ( Don’t worry everyone, as soon as our plane landed at 8:30 at night, I made Drake take me to the store to get my black eye peas and cabbage)

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