Saturday, July 7, 2012

4th of July in Tahoe..

We just spent the last week up in South Lake Tahoe. We are lucky enough to get to go up to Drake's moms house and enjoy a week of fun with the whole family. It is always good to see all of Drake's family, which consist of 8 brother and sisters, including him, and their spouses along with 22 grand kids ( I think that is the right number, I can't keep track). Most people made it up for the week so it was a great time.

I think I enjoyed watching Easton run around and play with his cousins more than anything. Watching him just have fun and run around with a bunch of family made me realize what life is really all about. It is simply all we need! I look forward to the many years ahead of watching these kiddos grow up together!

Here are some pictures from the week:

Baby Madison!

Riley found some reading glasses!

Will and Easton

Sam teaching Stella and Riley how to throw rocks!

Try to get three babies to smile and look at the camera at once! :)

Really Could Riley be sweeter! :)

Stella and Easton

So happy to finally get in the boat, and straight to the wheel

I promise I won't touch the wheel! :)

Well just one touch won't hurt!

Easton doesn't like his life jacket!

Lunch time!

Love him!

Little Mini Me's of their parents!

Paddle boat time!

James and Easton

Mommy and Easton

Drake and I!

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