Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Nice Little Weekend..

My friend Kristin from Dallas came town and we had a fun filled weekend..


We biked 22 miles around the city! We started in the Warf, went over the Golden Gate, then had a short stop for a drink in Sausalito, continued up to Muir Woods and then on over to Tiburon, where of course we stopped at Sam's for a another drink. We ended up taking the ferry back over to the Warf, and all that to say we were gone fro over 6 hours. Tired would have been an understatement! :)


We went for a nice 5 mile run on the Los Gatos Trail and then headed to Capitola for a day of sun on the beach! It was so nice out. We ended our day in Los Gatos at Cin Cin!! Nice little day!


We headed to Half Moon Bay and had lunch at the Ritz, where as always you are guaranteed a beautiful view!!

As for my little man, he had a good weekend too! He got a treat before Kristin came in since I knew I wouldn't get to see him much over the weekend. A little ice cream always wins their hearts! :)

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