Saturday, July 28, 2012

Date Night...

Oh how I wish this post was about a date night for Drake and I, but as most of us know, Football season has started. Football season equals no date nights for us for now. So when I can't have a date, why not let Easton have a date! :)

One of Easton many girlfriends here in the bay area came over last night. I watched both of them while the boys were at a dinner, and it was so fun to watch Easton play with Kenzie. Kenzie is 2 and one of the most verbal girls I have met for her age. She walked in and told me, " Wow you have beautiful toys". haha I thought it was so funny!

The two played all night, and Easton had one pretty bad fall where I thought I might have to take him to the emergency room, but thankfully my doctor talked me through what to do. After it was all over, I had to tell Easton that it is not classy to "fall" on dates, and he better never go on another date that even remotely requires an emergency room visit, for the rest of his life! :)

After a small hiccup in the night, the two decided it was movie and popcorn time. This is how it went over..

Popcorn all over the couch!!

Chloe can't wait for date night again, she loved all the droppings! :)

The two even ended the night with a kiss.. hope you can see the video!!

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