Saturday, September 29, 2012

Lots of new friends for E to meet...

I love coming home to visit friends and family. A lot of my friends have had Little ones, and I love getting to meet each of them. They are all so sweet and cute. I do get a bit sad though, because I would love for Easton to get to grow up with all of them here, but hopefully one day he will return and fit right in! :)

So here are all the babies..

Easton and Hudson

Easton, Landon, Gage, Cannon, Harper and Payton.. So I think we got one smile out of seven, I guess that is good. Right? :)

Easton and Cannon sharing a snack..
 As you can see Round Rock girls can really only have BOYS.. one friend has had girls, and she decided to try to make it a bit more even, and have twin girls. Other than her sweet girls, all boys for us. One other little boy is not in these pictures, and a another little boy is on the way!

So along with meeting all our little buddies, Grandma Maggie and Pop still can't get enough of little man..  Here are some more photos.. because clearly I am obsessed with my little man.

Grandma Maggie and Easton

Easton likes to wear Pop's hat..

Just love this picture.. he found the step and thought it was a great seat!

My little man has an obsession with his blanket.. and he thinks he needs to carry it everywhere.. so annoying...;)

Hope everyone is having a great weekend..

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