Saturday, November 23, 2013

Christmas Tree Lightening...

When we moved here, I knew we needed some things to do, so what do you think I did. Yep, I googled events in the Atlantic Area, and Drake would die if he saw my calendar I filled up with things for us to go do around town. I think it will be a good way to check out all the different parts of town!

So starting us off, tonight we went down to Atlantic Station to watch the Christmas Tree lightening! I loved the area, it was so cute and I will definitely be back for some shopping. 

The tree lightening was fun, and was followed up with a pretty good fire show and some snow! :)  Easton loved Santa, and called for him as he went by in parade! McCoy LOVED the fireworks, and well Easton cried when he saw the fireworks! :) Apparently, since July Easton has become afraid of fireworks. He asked us to go inside and go home through the sobs of tears he had going on. He was a mess.

Short story of the night, Toddlers should not be taken out of the house! :) .. Easton was more than a handful, but we made it threw the night, not sure Drake is going to be up for all the events I have on my calendar!

Oh and while Drake was chasing Easton, I was following with my camera, that's normal right???? So here is what I got!
Grandma Maggie with her boys before we got ready to go!


McCoy sure does look like a Salley!

Christmas Tree Time..

So hard to get kids to look and smile at a camera..

Best part of this pictures is the random kid smiling for the picture..

Cute little ice skating rink in the middle of the shopping area..

We were in the Sleigh, and apparently McCoy was in his own world..

This child stopped for one second, literally

Hi McCoy...

I think every tree lighting needs fireworks... Loved it! :)

Has a very satisfied  look here.. :) He approved of the tree lighting, and says we will be back next year!

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