Sunday, December 11, 2011

Santa Clause is coming to town..

This weekend Drake and I took Easton to see Santa. We went to Los Gatos where Santa comes to the Park and in this Park Santa also likes to see Doggies, so I am sure you can guess who also came along to tell Santa what was on her list this year.. yep.. Miss Chloe! ( I think Chloe asked for attention, since she no longer get as much as she used too.. poor girl! )

The line was an hour long.. ahhhh.. but we toughed it out and when I say this, I mean Easton napped through the line for the entire hour and woke up just in time to see Santa. It was a bit cold, but it was fun to see all the kiddos get excited and then cry when they got up to Santa.

Easton was lucky enough to see Santa twice this week too!! My friend Kelly invited us to her Christmas work party and Santa was there, so Easton got to see him them too.

Easton telling Santa what is on his list... and well not quite sure who this guy is!!

Now that Santa has promised to bring him new toys, he thinks this guy is pretty cool!

Love my family picture.. how do you get a dog and a baby to look at the camera at the same time!! ahhh

Easton pretty much thinks he is Santa's buddy!! Thanks Kelly for letting us come to the party!
 Hope Santa brings everyone everything on this list this Christmas!!

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