Monday, December 5, 2011

Weekend with Grandma Maggie...

This weekend my mom was in town and we had a great time. We took Easton to Christmas in the Park in downtown San Jose. He really liked all the lights, but what caught his eye the most was the Ferris wheel that was spinning and had blinking lights! It was almost comical to try to get him to take his eyes of the Ferris wheel. Easton also got to ride the Merry Go Round for the first time, not sure what he thought about it! As we were leaving, we found a snow machine and Easton loved it the "bubble snow" as it would sprinkle out. We had a nice little night.

Saturday we got up, and went to the Los Gatos Christmas Parade. This was our first time, and I will say that it is quite the parade. 262 entries and Santa Clause to bring up the end of the parade. There were tons of people and the weather was great. I enjoyed watching it, along with watching Easton as he would light up anytime a band or music would come by, he really likes music.

After an eventful weekend and Easton deciding to Crawl, pull up to a stand and open drawers on his own all in one weekend, my mom and I baby proofed the house.

Here are some pictures from our weekend!!

Easton's shirt in this picture is Drake's from when he was a baby and the jeans are mine from when I was a baby! :) Also, Easton is thankful that Grandma Maggie bought him the new foam mat for his room, it helps him crawl and not fall on the wood floor.  

I forgot that we went to the David Bruce winery on Friday, it was really fun and so pretty!

Grandma Maggie and Easton!

Easton's first ride on a Merry Go Round!

Easton and Grandma Maggie at Christmas in the park!

Let it snow!!!

Christmas Parade!!

The shark/dolphin ( what ever it is) came to say hi!!

Did I mention the parade is 2 1/2 hours long..
Hope everyone had a great weekend!! 

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