Sunday, August 12, 2012

A little fan..

Today Easton and I headed up to Candlestick park ( where the 49ers play) for fan fest. It is just a day where they let all the fans come watch the team practice. So since it was pretty I thought it would be fun to go and let Easton play on the field since last year he was just a baby.

From the first day we found out we were having a boy, it has been a vision in my head of watching my little boy play with his Daddy out of the football field, and knowing that it would light up Drake's heart to know that his job allows Easton to not only think he is cooler than me, but to know that because of his job, he can bring joy to Easton.

Well today, was nothing short of what I had envisioned, but much more. Easton's eye grew huge as soon as we walked out on that football field, and they stayed light up as he looked around and tried to take it all in. I am not sure if the crowd of thousands of people and the noise the crowd brought along with them caused him to be in awe, or the fact that he saw a huge field that he could run crazy on. Did I mention this field had lots of balls, and I am pretty sure Easton only cares about two things in this world and that would be balls and running around.. so he was pretty much living the dream.

I kid you not, he ran straight up to a pile of footballs and started picking them up and throwing them. I know you think I am lying, but I promise he did, and with no guidance. It was really fun to see him and just to see him taking it all in.

I hope that I do get to watch him play a sport one day, and if he shows half the interest he showed today, he will defiantly be alright!  :)

Walking out with Daddy.
WOW he says..

Humm, I think I will explore

I think I have spotted something..

Yep, I found some footballs..

Where is the open man... looking for him..

Found him, it's time to throw... ( Pretty good hand postioning if you ask me)

Proud parents of the newest little fan! :)

Yea, are you following me with that camera again lady..

The crazy camera lady caught me.. :)

I think I like this..

The crowd is clapping, I should too I guess..

Best seat in the house...

Or wait, is this a better seat...

Thanks Daddy, for a good day! We love you!

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