Monday, October 21, 2013

Week at Grammy's...

We spent a long weekend down at Drake's moms house this past weekend. It is always fun, because not only do you get to see his mom, you get to see many of the 8 siblings and their kiddos! We had fun just hanging out, and watching the little ones play!

We are very sad to be moving further away from them, because it will be harder to get down to them, but we will just have to make it happen as much as we can, because it is just to fun!

Enough out of me, I once again took a million pictures.. :)

McCoy and Grammy!

Colleen and McCoy! She was a great a little helper!

Just love this picture of McCoy!

Best part of living in California! You can swim in October!

Riley and Easton love the pool!

Sometimes, Easton actually likes his brother!

Riley and McCoy!

Train time...

Could these two be cuter!

Cousin Love! :)

I am in love with this moment.. two sisters!

Miss Madison!

Not sure why I even try to get a family pic...

They got to play a carnival type game, and this was the price.. love his sweet look here!

And seriously could she be cuter! :)

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