Wednesday, February 15, 2012

9 months.. where has time gone!!

I hate these pictures now mom, please stop making me do them!!

Some how this little man is 9 months old already! I really don't know where time is going! As you can see from the picture he is getting bigger and getting lots of hair. We had a doctors appointment yesterday and he weights 17lbs 13 oz ( 11%) and is 29 inches long (79%)!!  He has 6 teeth and 2 ready to pop through any day!! He hasn't said his first word yet, but he definatly understands a lot.. NO NO is one that he understands, but dosn't alwasy choose to follow! I won't be surpurised if I am called to the prinicpals office a few times when he is in school!

My little man is a true mess, he is always into something and always on the go. I envy those moms who's little babies just sit in their lab all cute! Easton is a sqarmer.. so annoying at times. He is fun though. If he could talk he would tell you his favorite part of the day is bath time.. he loves water!! His least favorite part of the day would be at any diaper change time ( you would die if you saw the westling match we have about 5 times a day).

Easton is eating pretty much everything, which is nice, he just gets a little bit of whatever we are eating for dinner and then just a few purees just to make sure he is getting enough fruits/veggies.. he has been known to feed Chloe from his highchair.. so we never know exactly what he has eaten and what chloe has eaten.

Easton also follows me around the house at all times, so he makes all chores twice as hard, but it is funny to see him try to figure things out.

All in all Easton is doing great, is super fun and keeps us laughing all the time!

This is Easton's new bath tub and he loves it!! So no more sink for him!

I just loved this picture!!

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