Friday, February 24, 2012

To Grammy's house we go..

This week Easton and I flew down to Grammy's house to visit her and Drake's sister, Jenny! Jenny has two adorable little girls, and the youngest was recently born, so it was our first time to meet her. Maddison Rose is super cute and a GREAT baby. Both of the girls are such good babies, and then there was Easton... ( Easton is good, just simple a Boy)

We had a great time, we went to the Zoo and saw lots of monkeys. I was especially excited because I saw a baby monkey, who we think was a day old. Either way, it was really neat! Then we went to the park and feed the ducks. Easton wanted to get in the pond with ducks, and when given bread to feed the ducks, he feed himself! :)

I loved watching the cousins play together, and can't wait as they all get older and can play even more. Here are some pictures from the trip.

Riley and Easton playing!

Sweetest picture ever.. Riley is hugging her sister Maddie! Easton just wants to join in! :)

Easton and Grammy at the Zoon!

Grammy is letting Easton play in the water, since Easton crawled to the pool a million times!

Riley and Easton have a little picnic!! So cute...

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