Saturday, February 18, 2012

Someone turned 4 today...

While we wish this was Easton turning 4.. it is our other little baby, Miss CHLOE!! :) I would like to say that she had a great day, but frankly I have to admit.. I forgot it was her birthday till about 5 o'clock tonight.. I am a horrible doggy mom!

I felt so bad when I figured it out, that I made Drake make a u turn and head straight to the Petsmart! I picked Chloe up a few extra treats to make up for the fact that I forgot. Poor Chloe, she has really been getting a lot less attention now that someone else has taken over the house, and Chloe has been showing us she is not happy about it.. so this was defiantly not a good thing! Hope I made up for it.. :)

Happy 4th birthday Chloe!! We love you!

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