Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hunger Games..

Monday was a pretty fun day! Drake and I headed to LA for a  24 hour trip. Oh yea, Easton came too! :) What was in LA you ask.. well Drake's brother invited us to the World Premier of the Hunger Games, along with this rest of the Drake family. For those that know the Drake family, that meant they had to block off a whole section for us, not just a row! :) kidding, kinda! 

We got to get dressed up, and people watch like crazy. I was content just spotting stars and getting all excited by myself. However, Drake needed a little bit more, so as usual he talks his way all the way to the red carpet ( it was actually black carpet, but you get the idea). So the next thing I knew, Drake, Jenny, Brad and I are all standing on the red carpet. It was so neat to see how things really look based on what we see from TV. Loved seeing the stars, and the Reporters interview in their stations.

After that, we went into the see the movie, and it was wonderful! I loved it, and if you have not read the book you should get out and read it before the Movie comes out March 23rd.

After the movie, we got to go to an after party. Thank goodness, it had tons of food, because Drake and I were about to have our own "Hunger Games", we were so hungry. The tent where the party was held, was unbelievable in the decor. I was impressed. We got to hang out with the Drakes and once again stock stars.

In the end, it was a pretty special night and we are so thankful to Joe and Maggie ( Drake's brother and his wife) for making it all possible. We are pretty blessed to get the opportunity to experience the event.

There are the pictures I got, they are not great, but they didn't allow cameras and phones in. So this is what I could snap! :)

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  1. how cool!! sounds like such a great experience! i want to see the movie this weekend :)