Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Weekend and Half Moon Bay...

This past weekend my parents were in town. It is always nice to see my parents, and even nicer to have some extra hands for Easton. My parents just adore Easton, so it is always so funny to see my dad on the floor in Easton's room with him, playing. You would think he has never seen a baby! :)

We took Easton to play at The Jungle ( where he loves the ball pit) and tired him out Saturday morning. We then let him nap as we drove to Half Moon Bay for the day and enjoyed a nice little day. It was so pretty and relaxing. The weather this past weekend was wonderful, it makes me so happy! We enjoyed the day and then headed back home later that night. On the way home, we were practicing "mama" with E and every time he followed up with "dada"!! I think he thinks, I am dada! :)

Here are some pictures from the weekend:

Pop and Easton watching their morning cartoons! :)

Ritz at Half moon bay!

Our little family of 3!

Grandma Maggie and Easton!!

I just love this picture of my boys! Drake was making Easton watch the golfers golf, and as you can see Easton was more interested in the hair on Drake's head! :)

My family!

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