Sunday, March 25, 2012

When Daddy is away, Easton and Mommy will play...

Drake has 8 days of travel straight, so that leaves Easton and I on our own... We are currently on day 6! So far so good, only had one day that I thought I was going to have to give Easton away!! Friday the two of us just did not see eye to eye, and all I could conclude from the day was that if Easton's behavior was even a small glimpse of the terrible twos that are to come, then I am defiantly going to go back to work full time. :)

Other than that day, things have been good and Easton and I have been out and about to keep busy! We figure we should just play all day!! Here are some pictures for ya..

Playing in the pool.. He starts swim lessons on Thursday, lets hope it goes well! He is not afraid of the water at all.. could be a good and a bad thing! :)  

At Dinner with our friend Lindsay!!

Easton putting the ball in the whole!! We would then wait for the ball to come down the wall and repeat for 30 mns.. I swear!!! How can that be fun!

Playing at the sand table!!
Playing fire fighter.. :)

Playing in the water zone at the Children's Discovery Museum..

Playing with his new kitchen! ( This kitchen took me 2 hours to put together!! )

Playing with his trucks!!

Mommy just playing with her camera and take pictures!!

Easton playing in his room! I only posted this because I love that he can go get his own toys!!
 I hope everyone gets to play a little this week! :)

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