Friday, March 7, 2014

Girls Trip 2014...

Last week a group of my college girlfriends and I headed to Mexico! It was so amazing, and one of the best trips I have ever taken. Mainly because I did ZERO of the planning, I literally sent checks when I was suppose to and then jumped on a plane and really didn't even know where I was going! :) I mean I knew it was Mexico, but all the details were taken care of for me, and well it was just so nice!

I got to the airport and had that feeling of " Oh my gosh I left something" the whole time.. I think it was just because I only had a half empty purse with me and not a ton of kid crap! The trip almost started off on a bad note, when I got a phone call the day before I was suppose to leave that my flight had been canceled.. I of course had a small panic attack  at first, but was lucky enough to get on a late flight that night so that I could meet up with the girls in the morning. In the end it worked out even better!

The rest of the trip is really boring to write about because all we did was:

wake up to a fully cooked meal by Rosie
make our way to the pool/beach
lay out all day
come up to our own pool at dinner time
finally make dinner
shower but never dry our hair or put on make up
Stay up late

REPEAT all 5 days! :) It was Wonderful!

It was wonderful... here are some pictures of the beautiful house we stayed at!


Till Next Trip...

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